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floral design


J.C. provides full-service floral design for weddings and events along the Gulf Coast and beyond.  She believes in purchasing and providing high quality flowers to ensure long lasting, breathtaking blooms.  She will spend the days leading up to your wedding, carefully cleaning and processing each flower to protect it’s beauty and longevity for your day, and deliver, set up and install on the event day to ensure that everything is perfect.

floral packages

Basket of Flowers


Best for weddings/events of less than 75 guests.  The blush package is a customized package, 

Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings


Best for weddings/events of 100 guests, for a simple, elegant, yet understated look. Includes:

  • 5 Bouquets

  • 10 Boutonnieres

  • 8 cocktail buds

  • 1 entry arrangement 

  • 12 centerpieces

Bridal Bouquet


Best for weddings/events of 100+ guests with a lush, overflowing floral look, couples who have a strong love for design and details, and/or vast venues that require extra drama. Includes:

  • 5 Bouquets

  • 10 Boutonnieres

  • 8 lush cocktail buds

  • 1 entry/escort card lush arrangement

  • 12 lush centerpieces or 20 signature 

wedding bouquet with rose bush, Ranuncul


This is for the couple that wants to make a big impact and loves flowers. ie; everything and anything your little floral heart desires including floral installations, hanging greenery, floral walls, custom sourced vessels, you name it, we can build it. All custom packages includes a site visit, market visit, a detailed floral proposal that highlights your personal style and accentuates your venue.


Pricing varies depending on each event. The quantities in the collections above can certainly be adjusted and added to based on your needs. All packages include a floral proposal and invoice detailing the look and vessel recommendations. Minimum floral investment begins at $3,000 to ensure the high quality florals and service we promise to each client.

what are your flower favorites?
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